We all are searching for this meaning here is a small glimpse of me finding that answer.

It all started with one beach trip with my friends M, Jade, DJ and Ash we were simply reminiscing as the sun was blazing on our skin and we laid amongst the sand questioning the meaning of life and we just started saying; “life is…” and explaining what it is to us. Life is weird. Life is beautiful. Life is whatever you make it out to be and that’s the true point of all this.



A band based out of Montreal , Canada who used to perform live with Mac Demarco but decided to go solo and venture off into a wave of new sounds releasing their albums: Fresh Air, Midnight Snack, And Helium all sounding like a day dream walking through a enchanted forest. This was the first big band I had ever seen and from this moment forward it would change my life forever.


Those same glasses that i gave him ended up on tour with them and I never thought such a small thing would mean that much to me to be honest.


A indie rock band from Portland, Oregon that emerged around 2007 seeing them perform kinda just happened by seeing a local flyer on the venue’s door and wondering “who is this artist I’ve never heard of before they sound cool” (in my head), but guaranteed it was the best mistake I’ve ever made.


Someone I met at the concert named; Jess Deal who I instantly bonded with and we ended up getting to the front of the stage to experience something like never before.


Superorganism: this band was brought together in 2017 and I first heard about them from one night I was over my friend kam’s house petting her lizard (casual I know but not unexpected) and she asked if I heard of them, so she pulled up YouTube and showed me there tiny desk performance of a group playing music with bubbles and eating apples for the added sound FX. It was breathtaking and from that moment I had to meet all of them. Yes. ALL EIGHT MEMBERS. It consists of:

Lead Vocalist: Orono Noguchi starring her companions; Emily, Mark David Turner, Harry, Tucan, Robert Strange, Ruby, B, and Soul.


Remo Drive is…

A band i was first introduced to by my friend Allison one night as she is singing the lyrics to; “Art School” at the top of her lungs on the way to their concert i never knew just how much this band would mean to me until i got to experience the music for myself in person. It was like getting on a rollercoaster for the first time a rush, kids screaming their words back at them and a wave of bodies being pushed back and forth as people began moshing/crowd surfing. Not to mention the fact that they actually connect with their fans. They stayed after to do cd signings, talk about music and make it a human to human interaction instead of so “professional corporation scheme” and that is what makes me respect who they are to this day. Based out of Bloomington, Minnesota they just might be the greatest American band there is.

3 members include:

Sam Becht, on drums and the two brothers Erik Paulson with lead vocals/guitar and Stephen Paulson on bass.


Together PANGEA is…

One of the craziest things I stumbled upon in my years of existing on this planet, to me their following and captivation of their fans is out of this world i never new a venue could turn into a full open pit surrounded in flip flops flying across the room, make out sessions on the speakers that the band is playing on and diving into a crowd head first with no regrets off a stage into people probably super intoxicated. The videos explain it all.

Based out of Los Angeles, California the band member’s include:

William Keegan (guitar, vocals)
Danny Bengston (bass)
Erik Jimenez (drums) Patrick Nolan (guitar)

Prince Daddy & The Hyenas is…

Let me start off by saying that I never heard of this band until the weekend of their show and once I was able to listen in detail to “Cosmic Thrill Seekers” from front to back a 100 million times I knew from that moment I had struck gold at another band I would follow endlessly because of their sound not trying to be like anybody else but one of a kind screaming from the top of their lungs sound. The thing that makes them special is I actually got to meet the members after the show and gifted them a mike wazowski plush that they’ll hold onto eternally shit like that just makes my soul happy.

being from Albany, New York this American punk rock band consist of a talented group with the members:

Kory Gregory (Vocals, Guitar)

Cameron Handford (Guitar)

Daniel Gorham (Drums, Vocals)

Adam Dasilva (Bass)


Tyler, The Creator is…

Now most of you know him from his earlier days when he was apart of the group OFWGKTA “odd future wolf gang kill them all” but there are a ton of new fans who sparked right after the surge of his self – proclaimed album; “Flower Boy”. This emerged so many new stans who didn’t understand where he really came from his music has always been evolving from the storytelling or the beats in general composed by himself it’s unreal. It goes to say though he is absolutely and always will be my favorite artist to date. This concert was the first time i saw him live and yes they we’re shot on a 4K handycam that i bought the same day and was nervous to even bring into the show and yes most of the videos are shaky or not as still as they could be but that’s not what this is made for. The point is this was me and my friends experience with a artist we’ve listened to for years and only now 2019 did i have the blessing of witnessing such beauty with my own eyes. The tour featured people like Goldlink. Jaden Smith, Blood Orange and etc. i only got there in time to see a few of them but still the biggest show i’ve been to and the memories i’ll take away from it will be lasting a lifetime.


Sandy (Alex G) is……

A mystery in a sense or maybe i just lived under a rock for my entire existence up until now because going into this experience blind was the best thing i could have ever done. I had no clue of who he was until one day i saw a post on instagram of a band named; “Sandy (Alex G) was coming to the local venue and a bunch of my friends we’re going so i said why not. The tickets sold out that same day. It was unreal and that’s the same feeling i got when i was in that crowd hearing some of my favorite tunes being played cause you know i had to listen to all his songs on the car ride there embracing a new culture of the sorts it was beautiful and not only that he was human. Down to earth, friendly, nice, and easy to talk to he may not even remember my name but trust me his music has inspired a lot of what i create in my own today.

he was born February 3rd the same month as me wow.

bro little known fact this man has worked with Frank Ocean on Endless and Blonde holy fuck that’s something most people would have never known and he’s a american artist but really protects his image seeing as i didn’t know who he was until i saw him in person i respect that cause i’m the same way.